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Virtual Logistics Lab

The project

In Germany alone, there are currently already more than 20 logistics laboratories in operation, having different demonstrators and subjects of research. They can only be used by the respective operator, e.g. the particular laboratories on site. As a result, the capacity utilization is low on the one hand and there are redundant experiments on the other.

This project proposal aims to give access to the production facilities and local demonstrators installed at the “Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik” (BIBA) to researchers and users who are interested in using these facilities for conducting experiments, especially in the field of intelligent (autonomous-) control systems. First, the experiments shall be prepared, e.g. for job scheduling, by using web services and artificial intelligence technology, and be integrated into the global time schedule. Afterwards, the scheduled experiments can be conducted either in collaboration with the operators on site or, to a certain extent, autonomously. The data collected during the experiments shall be saved and made available to researchers and users for later analysis via Internet.

Through an “architecture of contribution“, the interconnectedness of researchers, users and laboratory infrastructure shall be intensified.

Organizational Matters

The VLL project is conducted in the context of computer sciences studies at the University of Bremen. The life span of the student project is set for two years. It started in the winter semester of 2009/2010.

The project work is coordinated by a changing student project management group, so that the supervisor usually does not act as project manager, but rather gives advice to the students. Next to plena and working sessions of subgroups, once per semester a project conference will take place. At these conferences there will be worked intensively on current issues.