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Virtual Logistics Lab


The Virtual Logistics Lab uses various technologies for realizing the project proposal. Some of these technologies are presented here:


Java is an object-oriented programming language. We have decided to use Java, because platform independence on different computers and operating systems is a crucial factor for our project.

Apache Wicket

Wicket is a Web-framework for Java, which enables the separation between logic (Java) and description (HTML).


Eclipse is an integrated development environment, on which our project is developed. Its extensibility enables the use of different plug-ins, like e. g., Maven, which automatically performs compiling, testing and packing.


Trac is a free web-based Wiki and ticket system for software projects. Trac enables us to collaboratively create and maintain the project documentation.

Extreme Programming

The Virtual Logistics Lab project uses the method of extreme programming. This informatics process model approaches to the customer’s requirements in small steps.

XP gives priority to teamwork and steady communication between all involved